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Beach Glass Treasure "Be a rare treasure amongst the waves" just like every piece of beach glass no two are alike. 


Beach glass catapulted the entire mission of this company from the boardwalk to the low tide line. Dedicated creative entrepreneur Rachel Town would walk the shores daily with her son, who was only 2 years old at the time, with autism. The motivation they found within each treasure hunt fueled the inspiration for her to share with the world an impression through art down many avenues.


Her "sun" is her life, as Ms. Town has stated. Above all, as therapy for her son's diagnosis of autism began to dwindle down to politics she would take him to the shores after spending 3 years in endless therapy and inclusion based settings getting nowhere.


The tumbled treasures the waters would return gave way to a new "therapy" that helped her son more than any other autism therapy could deliver. Going against the grain while fighting for her son's rights and following the prescribed therapy instruction she quickly began to realize that it was not helping him and leading them down multiple dead ends. 


The day her son found amongst the waves a rare treasure was the day she knew that this was a true calling of life. While at Walnut beach in Ashtabula, Ohio her son dropped a piece of beach glass into her treasure container and said, “I did it”. Prior to this moment he was completely nonverbal making it a moment of epiphany and wide-eyed shock.

She knew she wasn't about to give up after this engraved point in time. As it was a monumental breakthrough for a child who was previously nonverbal. She knew she had to keep trying and implementing "beach therapy" as it was the only thing that had got him to actually utilize words to communicate.

The inclusion of beach glass in each canvas painting was a difficult decision to make. As well as creating jewelry, signature items, and candy. The passion that went towards finding each piece is as definitive as each creation itself. 


All original paintings include a signed certificate of authenticity. 


All beach glass has been personally collected from Lake Erie in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Never tumbled other than by nature. 


The only items in this store that are not handmade are in the Signature Items collection. These items are  Print On Demand with designs created by Ms. Town utilizing a computer program based on her own original paintings. She wanted to create print versions of her art that people could actually utilize in everyday life as well as enjoy the beauty of art and acquire the high energy for a reasonable price. Since these are Print On Demand products the shipping might take longer than expected. 


Upcoming Shows:

Avant Garde Art Show: November 10, 2018

Past Exhibitions:

Briquette's Smokehouse (Ashtabula, OH): May 14, 2018 - August 4, 2018

Gallery 304 (Conneaut, OH): August 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018

The Arts On Bridge Street (Ashtabula, OH): August 25 & August 26, 2018


How to Find Beach Glass: an in-person on-site class that teaches anyone interested how to find their own beach glass along the shore. August 1, 2018, 10 am & 6 pm @Conneaut Township Park

Sip & Paint Night: A non-alcohol version of fun at the Kingsville, OH Simak Center across from the Kingsville public library. Teaching how to paint a beachscape on slate August 18, 2018 Noon-3pm.

Also, an online sip & paint Live stream can be viewed on our Facebook page.



Artists, let's make money: an online course for artists that have made at least one sale and aren't sure what to do to keep the sales consistent enough to depend on to pay their bills.


Meet The Artist Receptions:

Briquette's Smokehouse (Ashtabula, OH) third floor: August 25, 2018

Conneaut Public Library (Conneaut, OH): August 31, 2018