Love Locked Bridge, Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 18"X20"

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Created February 2018 by professional artist Rachel Town

Dimensions: 18"WX20"HX1"D

Perfect addition to anyone's collection, especially with Summer around the corner! This painting was inspired by Love Locked Bridge in Conneaut, OH when you place a padlock on the bridge with your significant other and throw the key away into the water signifying that your love is locked between the two of you forever. Each padlock in this painting is represented by ultra rare pieces of beach glass from my secret collection. Two beach glass marbles, 2 pieces of uranium beach glass that glow under a UV black light, 2 amberina beach glass pieces, 2 cobalt blue hearts, 2 pink, 2 orange, 1 multi, 1 cauliflower blue, 1 teal, 1 violet, and 1 large piece in the water stream with a perfect frost and smooth edges.