Beach Glass Treasure Monthly Club

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Beach Glass Treasure club 

Monthly & seasonal subscription box

“Rare treasures knocking at your door”


Each month includes a different theme with the following items:

  • Handmade beach glass necklace or beach glass bracelet or beach glass keychain 
  • 5”x7” beach glass canvas painting or similar creations 
  • Holiday beach glass decor item (depends on the month) or mermaid tears or beach glass home decor item 
  • Signature item (coffee mug, beach glass pouch, tote bag, etc.)
  • Beach glass gear (gloves, poncho, etc.)
  • Beach glass candy or beach glass novelty item handmade 

Each box is created with lots of beach love, and will definitely be something you’ll look forward to each month. Sneak peek into the box may be viewed on our Facebook page or Instagram, otherwise each month is a beach glass surprise!


*include a typed note with each explaining each item